Arawali Veterinary College

Agra-Bikaner, NH-52, Bajor, Sikar, Rajasthan-332403

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 Sh. Mahesh Kumar Dhaka - Secretary Sh. Mahesh Kumar Dhaka
Aastha Society, Sikar.

“Do you feel for others: if you do,
You are growing in oneness.
If you do not feel for others,
You may be the most intellectual giant
Ever born, but you will be nothing;
You are but dry intellectual, and
You will remain so”
- Swami Vivekananda
Since its establishment in 2009, the Arawali Veterinary College has undergone steady growth, evolving from 40 students, a small number of faculty and few teaching departments to over 400 students, around 85 faculty members,18 departments and a sprawling campus on 35 acres of land..
Infrastructural facilities available in the AVC are second to none. Our library have enviable collection of books and journals. State-of-the-art sophisticated instruments render the TVCC department

competent to treat the animals in the highest order.
Our faculty is made up of talented, dedicated teachers drawn from across the country who have exposure in some of the well-known veterinary colleges in India. It is not just enough for a college to produce the best graduates, exposed to the best facilities and infrastructure, the country is in dire need of upright men and women to provide the right leadership to take it forward in the decades ahead.
It is my pleasure to invite you to come and experience what we have to offer. We do not promise you the world; but, we will make every effort to bring out the very best in you; to nurture you in the principles of dharma and loving concern for fellow human beings and animals, ready and able to excel in all spheres of their activity. The goal of veterinary education includes social development and justice and certainly scaling the heights of wisdom. The AVC is committed to deliver these goals and empower the students community to emerge as competent veterinarians to lead the country and humanity.


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